Forecast and optimize the performance of media and marketing plans

Quickly forecast the impact of your marketing and media plans and identify potential improvements that will optimize their performance. Get a demo of optimiseQED or download the product sheet to learn more.

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Forecast and optimize your media and marketing plans quickly and efficiently

optimiseQED allows you to forecast the impact of your marketing and media plans and to optimize your media spend for an individual line of business. The software allows you to quickly test the impact of different plans, giving you a forecast of projected performance for each. optimiseQED creates plans that take into account of the real-world constraints that impact your business.

Create and test new plans and ideas

Import marketing mix models from strataQED into optimiseQED and use them to create and test new campaign ideas and compare the likely outcome of different marketing plans.

Optimize budgets for maximum ROI

Ensure that your media and marketing budget is being allocated in the best possible way given your current objectives, assumptions about competitor activities and real-world business constraints.

Determine the right budget size

Determine if your marketing plan will achieve the sales target, and if not, how much additional budget is required.

Specifications & features

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Find the right budget for your objective

optimiseQED will allow you to quickly identify the overall budget that is needed to achieve your target. You can quickly test the impact of plans on multiple KPIs to get a 360’ view on performance.

Easy to share

Share results and optimize plans with other users within your company.

Import directly from strataQED

Take the results from models created in strataQED and instantly start to use these models for forecasting purposes.

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Maximize profit by determining your optimal marketing budget allocation

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