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Use historical data to understand key business drivers

strataQED creates marketing mix models by evaluating historical data to quantify the relationship between business drivers and business results. Our AI-powered algorithm uses machine learning to test millions of potential models to ensure a higher quality answer to your marketing mix questions. 

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Quickly build advanced Marketing Mix Models

- Automated workflows
- Special case wizards
- Real-time business metrics

Find a reliable fit

strataQED’s model search algorithm is powered by a unique AI engine that searches thousands of models a minute to find the right combination of marketing tactics and drivers.

Immediate and transparent results

Model results are available immediately, and visualized in a transparent and understandable way. New data is incorporated in near-real time to support ongoing planning and changing business questions.

Specifications & features

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Machine learning engine

The machine learning engine helps to sift through the data to identify potential models from the data provided.

Model search

The genetic algorithm tests all models and identifies the best one for your marketing purposes.

Dashboard reporting

Deploy your models to the reporting dashboards and have them available to everyone, anywhere, at any time.

Optimization tools

Models can be deployed to the optimization tools to make well-informed decisions on your marketing budget.

Quick to learn and easy to use

Our software is quick to learn and easy to use. Previous experience of modeling or statistics is not required.

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Introduction to Nested Modeling

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Build reliable marketing mix models

Build reliable marketing mix modelsReady to gain deeper insights into your marketing performance
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