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Pioneer in MMM software

First developed in 2006, strataQED revolutionized the marketing industry with its ground-breaking use of AI and Machine Learning to create Marketing Mix Models. As pioneers in this field, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and continue to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge insights. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that strataQED remains the go-to solution for businesses seeking to optimize their marketing strategies. With our unrivalled expertise and dedication to excellence, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve unparalleled success in today's dynamic market.


Time-saving vs traditional MMM solutions


Improved ROI


Cost saving vs outsourced MMM

Optimize your marketing performance by accurately measuring the true impact of your drivers.

Chart data to identify outliers before the modeling starts.
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Analyze the shifts between different time periods
Compare Relative Investment vs Contribution
StrataQED8 (tiny png)-1
View Saturation Curves at a cross-section level
MMM platform screenshot


Uncover the direct and In-direct contributions of various channels

forecasting and optimization
Forecast, Optimize, and uncover ideal budget size by Target 

Quickly build advanced Marketing Mix Models

✓ Automated workflows

✓ Special case wizards
✓ Real-time business metrics

Find a reliable

strataQED’s model search algorithm is powered by a unique AI engine that searches thousands of models a minute to find the right combination of marketing tactics and drivers.

Immediate and Transparent results

Model results are available immediately, and visualized in a transparent and understandable way. New data is incorporated in near-real time to support ongoing planning and changing business questions.


“strataQED is simply brilliant. It makes modelling and analysis so much easier and faster than other solutions I’ve tried. It’s worth its weight in gold the amount of time and resource I’ve saved. It’s easy to get started with, but the features are never ending. Anytime I think, “Do you know it would be handy if it could do this….” I dig a little deeper and find it can already do what I want it to do.
Customer support is second to none. If I ever have any questions about the software, there’s someone on the phone to me on the same day to support and answer any questions I have. 10/10 would recommend.”

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"We needed a partner that could not only understand how the business makes investment decisions but also challenge us in finding better ways to make our planning processes work and the inputs and collaboration that might be needed for that. With Nick’s expertise and the support from ScanmarQED, we were able to do just that."

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“If we had to do the same work without the QED tools, we would need at least 10 people, instead of 4.”

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“The big advantage of the QED apps is the speed to getting to working on the model and working out what’s going on rather than bogging down in set up. This allows us to focus more on making effective decisions and making an impact on client’s businesses.”

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“ScanmarQED offers a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform with a clean, intuitive interface. The platform is backed by a responsive team which provides prompt support when required, and an industry-leading e-learning programme, resulting in competent and confident users. All in all, a great choice for any organisation looking to create an MMM capability”

Specification & Features

Machine Learning Engine: The machine learning engine helps to sift through the data to identify potential models from the data provided.

Model Search: The genetic algorithm tests all models and identifies the best one for your marketing purposes.

Dashboard Reporting: Deploy your models to the reporting dashboards and have them available to everyone, anywhere, at any time.

Optimization Tools: Models can be deployed to the optimization tools to make well-informed decisions on your marketing budget.

Quick and Easy to Learn: Our software is quick to learn and easy to use. Previous experience of modeling or statistics is not required.

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