Insights2Go is an analytical solution that helps you gain valuable insights into specific drivers of good and bad performance within your markets and brands. Insights2Go combines powerful data analysis with rapid insight into business drivers and blockers, and provides accessible reports to share on the go.

What it can do for your business

Scanning, panel and sales data are automatically integrated and enriched with new algorithms. Patterns, trends and correlations are all accessible by simply clicking and sharing from our easy-to-view set of dashboards. Export reports to Excel, dashboards to Microsoft PowerPoint and even publish dashboards to other users. Compare single promotions, analyze long-term effects and get shopper insights and retailer insights.

A close-up of the Insights2GO software

Who it serves for

Insights2Go is for Trade Marketing and Sales & Marketing Management professionals in the packaged goods market who need to be on top of what is happening in their market. It allows them to reduce the time spent on simple tasks such as locating and updating their monthly marketing reports, and instead to use this time on running competitive analyses.

For markets where companies such as IRI or Nielsen do not provide their databases, ScanmarQED can help by generating even more granular and insightful databases as a service based on (store-level) retail sales data.

Client benefits

The key benefits are time saving, easy-to-use, higher accuracy of insights and having one objective source for decision making. Insights2Go provides the insights you need quickly and efficiently, because results are automatically loaded and displayed on easy-to-read dashboards. Reports are easily generated and shared on the go. Higher accuracy comes from reliable sources of data and automated, embedded analysis in the database itself.

Why Insights2GO

  • Insights2Go provides you with a guided approach to go from “What is happening”, “Where is it happening” to “What is causing it?”, and “Is this a trend?”, in just a few quick and simple clicks. It saves you time and provides you with clear focus how to approach your day-to-day marketing challenges.
  • If there is no IRI or Nielsen data available in your region then with our EPOS solution we will provide you with an environment containing the retail metrics you know, and now down to the SKU and store level (if the data is there). You arrange the data from the retailer(s) and we will do the rest.
  • It solves top problems like : What is your competition up to? , What promotions are working?, What is driving your brand sales?, What is blocking your growth?

Discover the technology behind it

Embedded analytics are used for our underlying databases and analytical dashboards. You can see the relationships between KPIs and drivers, and how these correlate, at a glance. You can also gain quick insight into various data perspectives, e.g. moving annual totals (MAT), year-to-date (YTD), and various other variables such as growth, growth percentage, share – all available for select category, brand, or customer combinations.

Insights2Go fully aligns reports with one another using guided analytics forming a single, highly accessible whole. Separate dashboard sets are also available for every conceivable marketing mix in addition to the standard analysis module. Features include: assortment, distribution, pricing, promotions and communications.

What our clients say about us

Insights2go and the toolbox that goes with it, does enable JDE NL to fully utilize the continuous data available for Sales and (Trade)Marketing. The guided analysis and tailor made dashboards let us focus on analysis and insights instead of data and information. The end benefit is that our commercial teams have more focus on the business and can pursue additional opportunities. We enjoyed working with the ScanmarQED team. It was both a pleasure and professional. And the flexibility ScanmarQED offered ‘to get the job done’ was exemplary.

Bert Borggreve, JDE

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