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A guided analysis of the causes for brand and market developments

Insights2Go allows you to identify what is happening in the market and your brands fast and easily. Furthermore, the software allows you to uncover the causes of these developments, and to further deep-dive in the specific drivers of good and bad performance.

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Detailed insights and guided analysis

Insights2Go provides you with detailed and accurate insights into where and why developments in your brands or competitive brands are happening. Following the storyline, you will get guidance to the root causes, via actionable insights. This supports you in determining the potential actions to change these developments.

Timesaving with automatization

The analysis is automatically presented in a set of easy to digest dashboards and the insights are automatically loaded, which saves you valuable time.

Forecasted impact of promotional plans

Machine learning technology allows you to build high-quality models that explain all drivers influencing business performance.

Specifications & features

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Flexible dashboards

Dashboards are flexible and will show data based on what you want to see, and can be standardized or customized.

Standardized and customized reports

Depending on which questions need to be answered, reports can be standardized or customized.

Data integration

Scanning, sales and planning data is automatically integrated and enriched with new algorithms. The different data sources are harmonized and updated over time.

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