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A data-driven approach for understanding the effects of pricing on promotional profitability

priceQED allows you to estimate the price and promotional sensitivity of all items within a category. Uncovering and understanding this sensitivity will guide you in making smarter business decisions. Simulate the promotional plan before you execute and reduce risks. 

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Estimate price and promotional sensitivity

Estimate the price and promotional sensitivity of all items within a category of goods as well as overall price sensitivity.

Determine the best promotional and listing plan

Determine the best promotional and listing plans for the category - either from the retailer's or the manufacturer's perspective.

Create and compare promotional and pricing plans

Create future promotional and pricing plans and forecast the outcome. Scenarios can be compared to one another to see the impact of different promotional and pricing plans.

Specifications & features

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Automatic model building

Quickly and efficiently creates reliable and robust models for all category items and predicts sales based on price, promo and competitive factors.

All information in one place

View the details of the model including statistics, elasticities and model equations.

Understand cannibalization effects

Understand how the promotion of one item in the category can impact others – work out where the winners and losers are likely to be.

Identify which SKUs are most at risk

Our delisting report suggests which SKUs in the range can most profitably be delisted to free up space for innovation or to maximize margins.

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Forecast the impact of your promotional plans

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