Harmonized Market Insights (HMI)

HMI finds the growth opportunities inside your brand portfolio.

Wouldn’t it be great if your data also showed you how and where you could grow or even just improve on your business based on insights derived from all available data?

Harmonized Market Insights (HMI) sets out to do just that: deliver SMART insights based on the data you have available, showing you the “money still on the table”!

HMI enables you to make better marketing decisions by becoming a more forward-looking organization based on all insights in dashboards and analytics offered through HMI.

HMI Dashboard example
Charted Data from Marketing Mix Modeling

Data sources, Marketing Mix Modelling and Dashboards

Single source data – being scanning, panel, survey, ex-factory, media or other marketing data - of course provides valuable insights, but only gets you so far. HMI provides a ready-to-run framework to show real business value by delivering combined insights based on all of these sources or on the subset thereof that you have available.

HMI combines your marketing data and allows you to feed this data into our marketing mix modelling and ROI optimization modules. These modules provide you with insights how to best allocate your marketing budgets, making you more successful in reaching your targets.

HMI provides you with a set of pre-configured MarketingTracker dashboards using proven OLAP technology, showing you brand development opportunities for under-performing markets and segments and allows you to compare your brand(s) against the competition or the category in general. HMI further aims to provide additional derived insights for each of the marketing instruments providing you with the insights that you need to grow your brand successfully.

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