Marketing Mix Modeling & Planning

Build better models, gain deeper insights and make smarter business decisions

A better approach to marketing mix modeling and planning.

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A flexible solution

Whether you are looking to run Marketing Mix Modeling and Planning in-house or want to work with a partner who will manage the process for you, our solution provides flexibility, transparency and focuses on continuous improvement and insight creation.


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Fully Managed solution

ScanmarQED maintains and services your platform with a seasoned team of experts. ​

We provide: Private cloud, Data management and harmonization, Modeling as a Service, Dashboard services.

You provide: Internal Point of Contact, Management of data vendors

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Hybrid solution

Specialized tools enable collaboration between your team and our experts. In-source the steps that work for you and let us do the rest.

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Internal capability

Use our tools to quickly build a best-in-class marketing measurement process.

We provide: Technologies, Extensive training, Technical support

You provide: Data management, Analytical Personnel

“Having worked with the QED suite for around 18 months now I can categorically say that we like it a lot. It helps us in the best way we can expect, to get projects out the door as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining the high standards we as analysts set ourselves (most of us at least…).”

Chris Love

Head of Advanced Analytics at AKA UK

The first integrated data platform designed for Marketing Mix Modeling

Our unique approach to marketing mix modeling solves the challenges of traditional MMM - namely data handling, the complexity of calculation and reporting, and disjointed workflows.
Our MMM platform hosts all the data you require to build MMMs successfully, integrates your data with your modeling and optimization tools and provides a one-stop-shop for reporting and visualization of results. You can scale MMM to accommodate all of your needs, whether just a single brand in a market or globally across multiple business units.
  • Test and build models quickly and efficiently, and refresh them as new data becomes available
  • Use the AI powered modeling engine to run models at scale
  • Use models to optimize budgets and achieve sales goals
  • Deploy models to stakeholders through intuitive and interactive dashboards
  • Create your own performance benchmark database

Actionable insights

Understand the impact of your marketing activities

Quantify the impact of your sales and marketing activities and establish the influence that competitor actions and macro factors have on performance.

Ace your budget

Identify the right marketing plan for your business objectives. Maximize sales across a specific period or deliver against a profitability target.

Actionable insights for budget planning and optimization

Get actionable insights to make smarter decisions in terms of budget planning optimization. Identify levers to pull and investments to cut.

Whitepaper: How to build an in-house Marketing Mix Modeling capability

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Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is firmly established as the most reliable, applicable, and insightful way for brands to quantify the key drivers of growth. Without objective measurement, allocation and optimization of the marketing budget would be messy guesswork. Nowadays the question lies not in whether you should do it, but rather how can you do it.

Optimize your marketing mix modeling and planning

And make better business decisions as a result,
we’ll guide you step by step
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