Optimize your marketing budget allocation

Determine the optimal allocation of your resources and improve existing marketing plans. Get a demo or download our brochure to learn more.

Effectively move funds and improve your planning process

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portfolioQED allows you to optimize marketing budgets across tactics, brands and markets by combining existing marketing effectiveness insights with your internal forecasts. The budget allocation can be for just a few months or part of a multi-year planning process.

Adjust and optimize

Our budget planning software allows users to adjust and optimize scenarios against a number of criteria and include a number of constraints to maximize the realism of their scenarios.

Quick and simple

The process behind portolioQED is quick and grounded in accepted facts that are readily available for most brands.

Forecast and update

Use established relationships between your marketing activities and sales numbers to determine how much to spend on Marketing.

Specifications and Features

Breakdown of returns:

Show returns as revenue, profit, or a mixture of the two.

Multi-brand and category resource allocation:

Discover the best way to allocate media spend for key markets across key categories — for different brands.

Customized analysis:

portfolioQED uses an advanced Genetic Algorithm capable of handling a large business portfolio with a complex set of constraints, all customized to each user’s business situation.

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